Tactical Notebook Covers

When you need mission-critical information at your fingertips and your Tactical Field Work involves taking notes, referencing maps, checklists, ipads and other PDAs...then this site's for you!  Extensive field testing has gone into each of our designs so that you end up with a super functional and super strong organizer that works with you!  Our Tactical Notebook Covers don't just protect your notebook.... they organize all that "other stuff" that ends up in other cases, pouches or just loose in your pocket.

We've been designing and manufacturing Tactical Cases, Packs, and Bags with life-saving and mission-critical features built in; for over 25 years - on this side of the ocean! ! 

Military spec design has been the foundation of our business since we started up in 1985.  Over the years we have created a broad range of unique field cases for NATO forces around the world.  As there are very few manufacturers left in Canada and the USA, we have been a magnet for industry looking for unique, occupational specific products that are built to endure the elements.

We're really picky about making sure that our tactical cases are of the highest quality.  They're carefully handmade by sewers that take pride in their workmanship.  We're probably too picky for our own good, though, as we create products that last a very long time.  Military cases purchased back in 1985 are still being used today - that's over 25 years!

Nametapes and Unit Badges...

Our embroidery options are very extensive - we provide custom embroidery in addition to our superior quality Embroidered Nametapes, Badges and Patches (with the option of Velcro backing). 

Contact us at embroidery@tacticalnotebookcovers.com

 or call us  1-800-561-3040 and we'll take care of you!


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